How to Organize A Local Move

That’s it, you’ve decided to move! But stay calm and don’t panic, we have prepared a perfect guide just for you that will make this very important event completely easier for you. With the help of our guide, you can also avoid any unpleasant surprises. So, just follow the instructions!

A local move is one that takes place within 50 miles, or less, of where you are currently. Many people believe that this type of relocation does not require any special preparations due to the short distance to your new home, and that may get you into trouble.

Whether it is a local move or a long-distance move, you need to be very organized. Even if you think that moving locally will be easy you need to know that you have the option of hiring local move services.

For some of us, moving is a unique opportunity to reorganize life, get it in order, and start all over again. But still, for the vast majority, this event is a source of stress, panic, and nervousness. If you belong to a group of people who panic at the very thought of moving, you will have to learn to manage your stress in the best possible way – because we are sure that you do not want moving to be your traumatic life experience.

You shouldn't take local moves lightly, planning it can take some time

Packing up, renting a truck, or even finding a moving company, the list of priorities keeps growing as the big day approaches. To help you in finishing this marathon in a safe and organized manner, we have prepared a “special moving” note that will hopefully save you a lot of time and effort. In the text below, we will give you tips that hopefully will be very useful to you.

Planning – the most important step in the moving process 

Writing a moving to-do list is a great beginning, make a plan that you’ll stick to. Our advice to you is to write down even the most banal things, such as transferring things to a new apartment or house.

This will be of great importance to you because you will always be sure that you have not forgotten or skipped anything. The most ideal would be to set aside a month for this part, but a few days also may be enough. Specifically, the longer the planning takes, the better the plan will be.

Only by writing this list on time, you can ensure you haven't forgotten anything. So grab the pen!


We will list a few basic things that a detailed plan should contain: 

  1. The exact date of moving. Of course, you don’t have to know the exact date at the very beginning, but as the move approaches, you’ll have to pick up a date 
  2. Prices of moving materials (and if you plan to hire professional or local movers – write how much you will have to pay them) – this will help you avoid unexpected costs
  3. If you know that family and friends will help you with the packaging, determine the exact date and time when you will start and when they should come to you 
  4. Divide the jobs – write down next to the names of the people the jobs they will be in charge of that day – that way you will be able to control everyone 
  5. If you have children or pets, be sure to find a person to look after them until the move is over so that they do not create additional stress and obligation for you.
  6. Rationally determine the time you will need for certain jobs – if you know that some things do not depend on you and also if you know that they can get complicated, leave more time for them than expected (we are sure that you do not want sudden stresses and problems!)
  7. Be prepared for every possible complication and do not be without plan B! This also applies to moving materials – always have more materials than you think you will need, you never know what might happen
  8. To make future unpacking easier – mark each box with colors or labels by category and by room

Once we have formulated the plan theoretically, we can move on to the next step – throwing away or releasing unnecessary things.

Get rid of anything that isn’t necessary

Every move is an excellent opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items that no longer serve you and free up space in your home. The more unused and unnecessary items you eliminate from your home, the less stuff you will have to pack up, unload and organize. 

This does not mean that you should necessarily throw away your favorite items. It’s more about things you haven’t used in a long time, but you keep convincing yourself that you’ll need them soon. Relocating them to your new home will not only take extra effort, but it will also increase the price of your move. 

Go through each room and see what is unneeded. Take that stuff and put them in a row. Then, you can sort them according to whether you want to sell, donate, or throw them out. You can also prepare a garage sale and earn a couple of bucks, the extra money will surely come in handy. Be ruthless with your stuff. 

Now you can begin to pack your belongings, moving room by room. We move on to the next step. 

Should I do packing on my own? 

Have you already decided whether to pack yourself or employing local moving services seems like a better idea? You will save money if you do it yourself, but getting some help will save a lot of your time. So what are your priorities?  

How to find affordable movers? 

When we consider hiring someone, the first question that comes to our mind is how much will it cost. You’ve presumably already decided on a budget, and you’re looking for the most precise answer possible to this question.

Most companies charge for such services per hour per worker. The number of hours required and the number of workers is closely related. If you have a lot of furniture and heavy items, a larger crew will be needed.

Contacting a company near you is the only way to be provided with accurate information is to contact a company near you. They will advise you about the appropriate number of movers that are needed to complete your relocation in the best possible way. 

Click here if you want more information on how to find local movers.

Reputable movers can make any moving much easier

On the other hand, if you do not want to give money to a company, you will have to make some preparations for packing. You need to get boxes of all sizes.

Also, you will need some other packing supplies such as packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, scissors, etc. These items should be easy to find, just look for them in local supermarkets.

You can also combine these two things. What is easier to pack, do it on your own and, more complicated, like furniture or other heavy items, leave to the specialists.

If you are in a race against time but still don’t want professional help, you can always ask friends and a family member for help. Working with the people you care about makes everything easier.

The best way to transport your items

Once the packing is finished, you should find the best method to transport all of your belongings to the new location. Again, you can do it without the help of professional movers like everything else. The only question is whether you have everything you need.

For self-packing, you have to purchase a lot of boxes, but for transporting those boxes you will need something much heavier – vehicles! It would be great if you could get a box truck. With a truck, you will be able to transfer more items at once, and the transport will take fewer steps.

As a result, you will require less time. A truck like this can be rented and there are various sizes. For choosing the right size, you should consult with a specialist, also it will depend on your budget. Renting a larger truck is more expensive than renting a smaller one, so keep that in mind.

Do I have any other options left?

Don’t be concerned if you are unable to rent a vehicle like this. Moving to a place that is a short distance away from your current location is very beneficial to you. Most boxes can easily fit in your car. The only problem is that you will have to drive from location to location multiple times. However, it’s a short distance, but it can be a little exhausting for you.

What can you do to make it go faster? Having friends is a lifesaver in situations like this. Ask them if they are willing to help you. In their cars, they can also transport some of your belongings in their car.

The work will be done faster, and you will have more time to enjoy together. With good food and drink, you can have great fun and for a while forget about all the pressure.

Make the right decision and your belongings will arrive safely at the new location

You made it to the very end!

There are a bunch of good sides to moving locally. One of the advantages is the adaptation to a new location. Such changes usually require a lot of time and patience. You may already be familiar with the surroundings.

And if you are not, there are probably a lot of similarities with the prior one. For this reason, getting used to it should not be difficult. Also, your routines may remain regular. You will not be very far from the places you loved to visit, and you will be able to keep in touch with old friends and neighbors.

Keep doing everything you are used to. Likely, you will not have to look for a new job and your children will be able to continue attending their schools. As we have said, there are numerous positive aspects.

It's finally time to relax and have some fun

Finding a trustworthy moving company is not one of the easier tasks. Therefore, you need to get information from several sources – friends, online forums, websites…

Movers from San Diego’s Best Moving Company will make your local move easier, faster, and safer. We can provide you with a service that will make every single thing related to your move more tolerable.

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