How to find local movers?

How to find local movers?

Moving is a stressful time, whether you’re moving across the country or just across the street. In addition to deciding important things like where you’re going to live, you must pack up all your possessions and transport everything to your new place. Not only is it mentally draining to sort through your belongings, but it’s also physically exhausting to box everything and load heavy furniture and appliances on the moving truck. Even if you’re moving a short distance, you might want to enlist some professional local movers to tackle the job. When you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes, you can try them on and walk around the store. You check for fit, function, and quality before you buy, right? Unfortunately, you don’t get to take your local movers for a test run before you hand them all of your worldly possessions. So what’s the inside scoop on how to find professional local movers who will not only be reliable and trustworthy but will exceed your expectations?

When it’s time to move, what’s your first step? If you’re anything like me, you probably head to Google to run a search for the best local movers near me right? The results that Google gives can be very overwhelming and super long. So how do you possibly sort through them all and figure out which local movers are the best for you? In today’s fast-paced economy, a lot of people move in and out of the city and state. There are plenty of local movers who can handle large to small moves, here you need to understand the types of local movers and moving companies, which will help you in sorting through the plethora of moving companies out there and help you find the best movers near me that suit your budget and customized moving needs. I have just the tips and tricks you need to know about what to look for and how to make the right choice. These few simple tricks help you choose the local movers of your dreams. Check them out below!  

Ask for recommendations from friends and family before you search the internet

The first step is relatively simple, talk to your family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers for their personal recommendations about short-distance local movers they have used previously. Your friends and family are hands-down the best sources for professional local movers. Why? Because they’ve had actual, personal experience with them, and (we assume) you trust their perspective. The personal connection to a past customer might also get you priority service or bonus add-ons. You might also get a specifically recommended person to work with who provided your friend or family member with exceptional service. Why not go with the best of the best? Also, realtors should be able to provide you with recommendations on the best local movers near me. Once you have a few recommendations, then it’s time to take a look at the reviews. Remember: only a very small percentage of customers leave reviews on platforms like Yelp! and Google Business, and often they have overwhelmingly positive or highly negative things to say. So take everything with a few grains of salt!

Check out their website

The first impression you have of a company is their website. Clicking on a site with low-quality photos, content with spelling and grammatical errors, unclear navigation channels, or no direct way to contact them are just some of the factors that can make or break that first impression. Local movers’ site should be updated and full of information relevant to you! Since it’s easy to forget certain things when planning a move, make sure to check off the items listed below when sorting through different websites. Any quality local movers should have the following information listed on their site:

  • Clear address and phone number
  • Whether or not they have moving insurance
  • Indicated areas in which they serve
  • How long they have been in business
  • What types of moves they specialize in (apartment, residential, commercial, short-distance)
  • Are they have professional trained local movers
  • If they are trained with moving specialty items like pianos and antiques
  • Whether or not you can get a free moving quote from local movers
  • What their prices are and if mileage is included in the quote
  • Are they a local company or a national corporation?
  • And much more!

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Since their phone number should be clearly listed, don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have! That will also help you get a feel for their customer service which brings me to my next point…

Get free local moving companies quotes

One of the easiest ways to search for local movers is when you just google it. You can request local moving quotes from multiple reliable and professional local movers in one go. By comparing these local movers quotes, you could analyze better and get the appropriate price range for the local moving services, which helps you in finding the affordable local movers that best match your unique moving needs and budget.

Get moving estimates

Professional local movers will offer you a comprehensive and thorough quote. Don’t fall for the quick estimate given over the phone with barely any questions! It’s not likely to be accurate, and will probably go up on moving day. So once you’ve narrowed your options for finding professional local movers, get quotes from each one. Here are a few criteria to help you:

  • Do local movers require a detailed inventory or a home walk-through, either virtual or in-person? Or do they just ask a few questions about the size of your home? To give an accurate moving quote, professional local movers should ask for as much information as possible about your shipment.
  • Is their quote guaranteed or variable? Local movers that offer a guaranteed quote are much more motivated to be accurate in their assessment.
  • Are there any potential added fees or charges for supplies? Be sure you are completely aware of what is included in the estimate, and what would be an additional charge.

Check your mover’s credentials

If the local movers you’re considering are licensed to conduct moves across state lines, they must be registered with the Department of Transportation. The company must provide the DOT number on its website and in its advertising, making it easy to check on their safety record. You can also see how long the company has been in business through its listing. For local movers that only work in-state, the regulations vary from state to state. 33 states require DOT licensing, but others do not. Check on your local regulations to see what you should be looking for. Then, check the American Moving & Storage Association. Their ProMover program requires that local movers adhere to their standards as an association, as well as undergo background checks. Seeing that professional best movers are a member of AMSA is a clear sign of their commitment to quality!

Double-check licensing & insurance

While there are some exceptions, most states require moving companies to register and obtain (and maintain) licensing before performing moving services. Along with the licensing requirement, is an obligation to have an active insurance policy. This regulation is intended to protect consumers – only legitimate best movers who have gone to the effort of complying with state laws are worth your time. Be sure to check your state’s database to confirm your local movers of choice are up-to-date on licensing and don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance.

Be aware of what is included in the price and extra fees

Probably the answer that is the most important for planning of your upcoming move. No matter if there are some additional charges or not, your local movers need to be transparent about it. You cannot have any unpleasant surprises on your moving day. Make sure to ask your best movers what is included in the price and whatnot. With most of the local movers packing comes as an additional service, so if you want them to help you with this, make sure to double-check the price and charges for it. Always ask if some additional charges are not included in the price. Remember, if you live in a three-story house and plan to move into a single-floor house, you might incur an extra fee since the local movers will have to cater to the elevators and extra stairs. Besides, having a narrow street that would otherwise hinder the smooth movement of a large truck can result in the attraction of a surcharge for transferring your items to another smaller truck. Most of the movers San Diego charge the double drive time fee, which is regulated by the law, and they don’t mention it because they think you are already aware of this. The same applies to fuel charges or surcharges that local movers can decide if they want to charge or not.

What’s their customer service like?

Ever been to a restaurant where the service was terrible? Maybe the staff was rude and short with you. Or maybe they made you feel like you were an inconvenience which stopped you from asking for what you needed and left you feeling uneasy. If that was the case, you probably wouldn’t go back there again. The same goes for professional movers San Diego. Customers love dealing with trustworthy local businesses. Call them up to ask questions to get a feel for how they treat potential customers. Do they answer with a friendly greeting? Do they direct you to the right person? Are they patient or does it just feel like they want to get you off the phone? Are they willing to answer all of your questions? These are just some of the things you should consider when speaking with professional movers because how they treat you during that initial call is how they’re going to treat you during your move. And you definitely don’t want to be left feeling uncomfortable during an already stressful time in your life.

You have decided to change your scenery and move to another home, neighborhood, or city? In case you haven’t moved for a while, you might be surprised how things changed throughout the years. There are more and more registered local movers all around the area, and once you start your search, it might seem overwhelming with the number of results you are seeing on your internet search. When it comes to moving, we all have different needs and looking for other things when it comes to professional movers. That is normal, considering that every home is different and therefore every move is different. For those who are first-time moving or haven’t done it in a while, this text might be helpful. Also, if you’re on the move this year, like 40 million other Americans, then you probably have a lot more on your plate.

Whether you’re moving for a promotion up the corporate ladder or to have access to better schools for your kids, you may find relocating (while managing the rest of your life) too much to handle on your own. After all, even a short distance move down the street can quickly spiral into chaos. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable local movers in your neck of the woods to transform a moving mess into a seamless experience. Here we gave you some tips when you’re sitting there drumming the keyboard, asking yourself, “who are the best local movers near me?!” Especially when you are moving with your family, you want professional movers who know exactly what they’re doing. Movers San Diego has the expertise and the track record to back up their promise of a hassle-free move. For that type of experience, San Diegos Best Moving Company is your team. Our movers San Diego provide the best local moving services. Movers San Diego is one of the nation’s leading residential moving companies because we sweat the details so you don’t have to. We are the best movers you can trust. Get your free moving quote today and see all of this by yourself!

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