12 Best Moving Tips

Are you planning to move soon? In that case, you’re probably in the need of a few moving tips to make the entire process easier from start to finish. Moving is quite overwhelming for everyone going through the process, and although you might not know where to start, looking for some moving tips and hacks is always a good place to do so. Our moving experts at San Diego Best Moving Company have gathered some of the best moving tips that will make your upcoming relocation a breeze.

  1. Professional movers

Consider taking the time to research moving companies, and find the one that best fits your relocation needs. It is vital to find movers that are licensed, insured and reliable, that can also fit into your moving budget. Not every moving company provides their customers with the perfect services they preach about, and this is why it is important to gather as much information as possible and find the best movers for your relocation.

  1. Unwanted items

Getting rid of items you no longer need, want, or use, can save you time during your move, and save you some space on your moving truck once it takes place. Not to mention that this is the perfect unique opportunity to go through everything you own, and carefully assess how much you actually need some of the items you plan on relocating. Consider donating, selling or throwing away any belongings you no longer wish to own. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a killer garage sale.

  1. Moving day

If you’re not set on a specific date on your move, consider looking for the cheapest day for your relocation to take place. Keep in mind that moving on weekends, or by the end of the month are often more expensive, since most people tend to move during these times. Save some money by consulting with your moving company, and picking a date that would be the most affordable for your relocation.

  1. To-Do List

Making a to-do list a month before your relocation takes place and taking notes of everything you need to do before your relocation will help you stay organized and keep check of what needs to be completed. This will help you stick to your moving schedule and make sure that your entire move is handled as smooth as possible.      

  1. Packing supplies

Purchase packing supplies for your relocation at your local hardware store, and make sure that you have some extra supplies on the side just in case you need them. A vital part of your relocation is finding the right boxes, quality packing supplies, protective materials and more. You can save yourself the hassle of having to go to the store multiple times by making a detailed list that contains everything you are going to need for your packing endeavor.

  1. Find your tv box

Your tv and other electronics are both valuable and fragile, which means that they will need additional protection during your move. Finding your original tv box, and other boxes for your electronics will immensely add on to the protection of your items during their handling and transportation.

  1. Calendar

Consider further keeping track of what you need to do by the time your move takes place and putting everything you need to do on your calendar. Map out the steps of your packing process, canceling and setting up your utilities, when you should prepare your new home, and anything else that is important, and needs to be complete before the day of your relocation.

  1. Pack early

You should give yourself as much time for packing as you possibly can, as most people tend to underestimate the time they will need to pack everything they own in time for their relocation. A month before your relocation is a good time to start with packing, and spending an hour a day packing for a month as opposed to packing for 12 hours every day for a full week before your move will keep your stress levels much lower, and the entire process smoother.

  1. Number your boxes

Numbering your boxes and labeling them with the exact contents, will help you immensely when you arrive to your new home and have to unpack everything. Keeping check of the contents of your boxes will relieve you from having to dive through boxes to find one particular item.

  1. Moving essentials kit

Consider placing some of your most important items such as your toothbrush, medication, some clothing and other necessities in a separate box or bag that you will keep by your side during your move and once you’ve settled into your new home. You won’t have to rummage through boxes and make a mess as soon as you arrive to locate your necessities.

  1. Food

Make sure to stop buying food at least a week before your relocation, so you don’t waste food and so you can defrost your fridge in time before your movers arrive. If you do have some food left over, consider donating some of it to your local food bank.

  1. Communicate with your movers

Letting your movers know about your moving wishes and expectations, will help them complete the process just as you would like them to. Giving them instructions as to which box goes where, which items need additional protection, and any other requests you may have, will ensure that your move goes smoothly and successfully.

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